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SolBox Fitness Club

Boxing and Fitness training under the Sun with a whole lot of

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One Man Many Talents

Advice better heard and not needed, than needed and not

One United Bank

Banking and financial means in the Miami, Florida surrounding



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We would like to thank you for visiting our site. Here you can easily find Black Owned businesses in any part of the country to perform any task needed. By making a choice to patronize Black owned businesses you not only show support for your brothers and sisters, you will also be recycling dollars within our communities which will help improve and rebuild our neighborhoods.

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  • It allows you to find Black and African American businesses to provide you with the services you need.
  • It gives you a means to help the rebuilding process of the Black community.
  • It allows you to rate and review businesses which you have patronized.
  • Able to enter into contests to win prizes

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Black Owned Banks

  • $4.7 billion in assets, should be more considering blacks spend over a trillion dollars annually. 
  • Supporting our Neighborhoods, providing home, and business loans to local candidates.
  • Black banks are just as stable as white banks, your money is Federally insured just the same.
  • Take pride and do business with Black owned banks, a simple task such as opening a savings account helps the whole community.

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    President Obama
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Hue-Man enjoys the reputation as a top-flight organization and was the go to place for any and…

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Elite Cleaning does what other cleaning companies miss or just don't even