• SBO The Best Resource for Supporting Black Businesses

    Business Focused

    Support Black Owned is perfect for place to list or find a Black Owned business or website, businesses display vast amounts of content, in an elegant manner.

  • Social Media is Rented Space

    While it’s an affordable way to promote your business, social media is not YOUR space. The internet played an integral role in leveling the playing field for small business owners. No longer did business owners need a brick and mortar building with overwhelming expenses and liabilities in order to be successful. The advent of social...
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  • Collaboration is Greater than Competition

    A strong professional relationship can accelerate your business. If you’re not familiar with the term “complimentary businesses,” this is the perfect time to do some research. A complimentary business is one that doesn’t offer the same products and services as your business, but it offers things that are related to your...
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  • How SBO Helps Your SEO

    The Support Black Owned business directory isn’t just another list of Black-owned businesses. In addition to being a resource for people specifically looking for Black businesses, we work hard to provide a service that is beneficial for your business. Our goal is to help people find you. To that end, we want to share some […]...
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  • Real Talk About the Buy Black Movement

    Buy black movement
    Sometimes the stars perfectly align and a plan just seems to fall into place. That’s what seems to be happening right now, across this country. You may not see it that way, but as a Black business owner and visionary, you should. In the past 36 months, African-Americans have experienced one heartbreak after another. They’re […]...
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Welcome to Our Black Owned Business Directory and Networking Platform

We would like to thank you for visiting our site. Here you can easily find Black Owned businesses in any part of the country to perform any task needed. By making a choice to patronize Black owned businesses you not only show support for your brothers and sisters, you will also be recycling dollars within our communities which will help improve and rebuild our neighborhoods.

Why Use SBO?

For Consumers

  • It allows you to find Black and African American businesses to provide you with the services you need.
  • It gives you a means to help the rebuilding process of the Black community.
  • It allows you to rate and review businesses which you have patronized.
  • Able to enter into contests to win prizes

For Business Owners

  • SBO receives over 3k+ visitors a month to view our businesses.
  • Post up to 5 + pictures of your product or end results of your service for free.
  • Remember consumers are visual so more pics = more views.
  • Businesses that add their website for free and benefit from new way to get consumers to their site.
  • Options to add videos to your business profile.
  • A B2B platform to interact with other business owners and customers who choose to join.
  • How-to videos to show you how to use the site. Go to Videos



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